Final Acceptance of the project stage “Reduction of NOx emissions below 150 mg/Nm3 on units 1, 2, 4 at PGE Opole Power Plant”.

We are pleased to announce the Final Acceptance of the project stage as part of the investment task entitled “Reduction of NOx emissions below 150 mg/Nm3 on units 1, 2, 4 at PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A. Opole Power Plant”.

The stage of the project included the modernization of the flue gas denitrification installation on unit 2
in order to reduce the value of NOx emissions from the current level of 200 mg/Nm3 to a level below
150 mg/Nm3,  in order to meet the new emission requirements included in the BAT conclusion, and to ensure further operation of the K2 boiler.

The scope of the performed works included:

  • Installation of new deNOx injectors
  • Installation of transport air
  • Installation of urea injection and rinsing water
  • Installation of compressed protective air
  • I&C compressed air installation
  • Modernization of the pressure part (superheater)
  • Modernization of the furnace part (secondary air nozzles)
  • Inactivation of the biomass burner installation
  • Installation of additional measurement of ammonia slip in the flue gas
  • Protection of the boiler membrane walls with an anti-corrosion coating
  • The construction part
  • The electrical and I&C part
  • Changes to the DCS system

In addition the task provided the implementation of comprehensive design, assembly
and commissioning works, including:

  • Design documentation based on SBB ENERGY technology
  • Deliveries of materials and devices
  • Assembly works in all industries
  • Performing comprehensive commissioning and optimization
  • Commissioning

Congratulations to all involved in the implementation and coordination of the project.

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