Completion of the project “Construction of the flue gas cleaning system” at OPEC GRUDZIĄDZ.

The completion ceremony of the project “Construction of the flue gas cleaning system” at the Łąkowa II Heat and Power Plant in Grudziądz took place on 29.11.2022.

The investment lasting over 4 years was designed to achieve emission standards beeing in line with the new EU directive.

Some numbers and facts:

  • Investment value –  PLN 64.3 million net.

As a part of the investment, the following were made:

  • 3 semi-dry flue gas desulphurisation / dedusting installations for OR-32 steam boilers (K1, K2, K3);
  • 2 flue gas dedusting installations for WR-25 water boilers (K4, K5);
  • 3 SNCR flue gas denitrification installations for OR-32 boilers (K1, K2, K3);
  • Flue gas denitrification installation using primary methods for WR-25 (K4, K5) boilers;
  • Construction of an ammonia water unloading and storage station;
  • Construction of a sorbent and PPR unloading and storage station
  • Replacement of the façade of the boiler house, repair of existing roads and squares in the investment area;

The individual stages of implementation were commissioned according to the schedule in the years:

  • IOS K1, K2 – 30.11.2020
  • SNCR K1 – 15.03.2021
  • IOS K3 – 30.11.2021
  • SNCR K2, K3 – 30.06.2022
  • Completion of the investment – 30.10.2022

Huge congratulations to the entire team involved in the successful implementation of this project, because people are behind the success of this project!

Have a look on a short movie showing our project in Grudziądz. 😊

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