We have started the next stage at Dolna Odra Power Plant.

We have started the next stage of the project resulting from the contract signed in 2018 for the supply and installation of a catalytic flue gas denitrification installation for OP-650 boilers of blocks 5, 6, 7, 8 at Dolna Odra Power Plant.

The project is aimed at adapting units No. 5-8 at Dolna Odra Power Plant to the requirements of the BAT conclusions regarding NOx reduction.

The installation works on site have been carried out continuously since May 2019. A significant part of the works related to SCR installations is led during the operation of boilers, i.e. before the actual modernization stop. The selected assembly technology enabling work under active power lines with working boilers allows to complete many works before proper shutdown of a given boiler. This makes a timely execution of all works during the shutdown of individual boilers possible  (it is limited to 120 days for a particular boiler).

Within a year from the commencement of works (May 2019 – May 2020) a complete installation for unloading and storage of ammonia water  (common part of the entire project), complete SCR installation for the K6 boiler, almost the entire structure (supporting and secondary) of the boiler reactors K5, K7, K8, complete K7 reactor and almost half of the K5 reactor have been built.

At present, the SCR installation of the K6 boiler is being commissioned awaiting for the boiler to be ready for firing up, and the modernization shutdown of the K7 boiler has begun (02/05/2020) and will be completed on 30/08/2020.

All assembly, installation and commissioning works of the Project (except for construction works) are carried out by SBB ENERGY SA by means of its own personnel as well as subcontractors.

Congratulations to the entire team involved in and coordinating the contract.  We wish you a successful implementation of the next stages of the Project.

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