The completion of two stages of the project at Dolna Odra Power Plant.

We are pleased to announce that SBB ENERGY S.A. (Consortium Leader) has completed two out of four stages of the project at Dolna Odra Nowe Czarnowo Power Plant. On October 12th, 2020, the commissioning protocol of the common part, i.e. the Unloading and Storage System of ammonia water and the SCR installation of unit No. 6. On November 25th, 2020, the commissioning protocol for the SCR installation of unit No. 7 was signed.

Two complete SCR installations with the common Unloading and Storage part, which have been put into operation, make up almost 60% of the total project.

Works on the facility were carried out from June 2019 and despite the winter period and the situation related to the COVID19 pandemic  they were performed on the planned date and accepted in accordance with the signed Agreement.

The scope of works included:

• complete DRiM ammonia water unloading and storage installation, being a common part for the SCR installation of four boilers,

• replacement and modernization of all flue gas ducts on the boiler-flue gas ventilator section (together with additional bypass ducts) for the K6 and K7 boilers,

• installation of two complete SCR installations for the K6 and K7 boilers,

• modernization of four rotary air heaters,

• replacement of four exhaust fans with new inverter drives,

• complete electrical and I&C systems related to new installations.

The commissioning was preceded by the activation and optimization of new installations as well as successful warranty measurements which confirmed the fulfillment of all guaranteed parameters of the Agreement.

At the moment, the last assembly works of the third SCR installation, i.e. for the K5 boiler, ( commissioning of the installation of  boiler 5 is planned for May 2021).

 The construction of the fourth SCR reactor for the K8 boiler is in progress. The remaining assembly works carried out as part of the shutdown of unit No. 8 will be performed in the period from February 26 to June 26, 2021. The commissioning is scheduled for 17th September 2021.

We congratulate the whole team involved and coordinating the contract and wish them successful implementation of the next stages of the Project.

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