SBB ENERGY SA has commissioned a flue gas denitrification installation at JSW KOKS SA Przyjazn Branch in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

We are pleased to announce that SBB ENERGY SA has completed works related to the commissioning of the SCR Installation under the contract signed in 2020 for the implementation of the flue gas denitrification installation at unit 71MW at JSW KOKS SA, Przyjaźń Branch in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

SBB ENERGY SA, as the general contractor, put into operation the flue gas denitrification installation, which includes:

  • ammonia water unloading and storage system,
  • new flue gas duct system with flue gas fan and inverter,
  • SCR reactor with catalytic modules,
  • flue gas heating system, i.e. flue-gas plate heat exchanger and a system of auxiliary burners,
  • flue gas heat recovery system
  • ammonia water distribution and injection system,
  • complete electrical and I&C installation, including gas analysis system.

Guarantee measurements confirmed the fulfillment of all parameters of the Agreement i.e. the emission limit of nitrogen oxides below 100 mg/ Nm3 and the ammonia emission below 3 mg/m3 are achieved.

Thanks to the commitment of the entire team, the project completion date has been shortened by one month.

Congratulations to everyone on the successful implementation and coordination of the contract.

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