SBB ENERGY S.A. as the content partner of the conference “Green Energy in the service of entrepreneurship”

The conference “Green energy in the service of entrepreneurship” organized by the Polish Energy Storage Association has been succesfully finished. SBB ENERGY S.A. was the content partner of this event.

The meeting was held on 16th/17th June in the Energy Cluster in Gaj Oławski, which strives for full energy autonomy. The assumption of the Cluster is the production and distribution of energy and its transmission with its own DSO system based on renewable energy sources (RES).

During the two-day conference, the main theme of the event was the form of cooperation that enterprises should undertake in the era of energy transformation and the market breakthrough we are in, i.e. moving away from centralized large energy sources based on coal towards distributed energy based on RES.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, NFOŚiGW, ERO, scientists, experts, as well as representatives of domestic and foreign companies operating in the field of renewable energy sources.

Our experts were also among the speakers at the conference.

The presentation entitled: “SBB ENERGY SA as a partner of the power sector in the field of market transformation” was given by Artur Bogusz, Vice President of the Management Board and PhD Łukasz Lelek, Head of the New Technologies Development Section and Krzysztof Łuczak Project Manager with the topic “Distributed energy based on hydrogen economy and high-efficiency cogeneration systems on the example of the project in Gaj Oławski ”.

The presented topics and the final discussion met with great interest and appreciation of all participants.

The conference was a great opportunity to meet our partners, make new contacts and exchange experiences.

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