Reconstruction of a boiler 4 for gaseous fuel Synthos Dwory 7

We are pleased to inform you that SBB ENERGY S.A. completed project “Reconstruction of a boiler 4 for gaseous fuel Synthos Dwory 7 Limited Liability Company SJ”.

The contract was implemented in a turnkey system (design, construction and commissioning).

The project steam boiler with severe refractory Pauker type-2 of 130 t / h, built in 1954, basically burning coal and gas mine was converted into a gas-fired boiler only. The gaseous fuel system enables the combustion of two types of gas: natural gas, including basic regasified LNG gas, and mine gas.

After reconstruction, the main parameters of the K4 boiler are:

Capacity: 100 t / h, steam temperature 480 ° C, pressure 7,8 MPa.
Emissions: NOx3, CO3, dust3.

In order to accomplish the task they were partially disassembled delivery systems coal and ash discharge.

The following devices and installations have been installed in and around the boiler:

  • 2 gas burners for simultaneous combustion of natural and mine gas
  • 2 combustion air fans with air regulation systems
  • 2 mine gas boosting systems with rotary blowers and a gas cooler
  • Natural and mine gas installations inside the boiler room,
  • New exhaust emission measurement system
  • Electrical systems to power new devices
  • Object measuring systems and control cabinets

During the reconstruction, the pressure part of the boiler and the flue gas evacuation system were maintained with minor changes.

Regulation of boiler operation after reconstruction was implemented in the existing DCS system.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the implementation and coordination of the contract.

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