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Start-up after erection and retrofits


uruchomienia_IMG_6199.jpgSBB ENERGY S.A. offers the end-to-end services in the field of start-ups on a turnkey basis, as well as specialist works in commissioning teams of the following facilities:

  • Power generating units, steam units fired with coal, supercritical units, as well as steam and gas units,
  • Water and steam boilers with stoker furnace, PF and fluidized bed boilers fired with fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil), renewable energy sources (forest and agro biomass), and waste heat boilers,
  • Water, steam and gas turbogenerators,
  • Flue gas desulphurization systems,
  • Flue gas denitrification systems,
  • Water conditioning stations,
  • Not-unit related systems, biomass systems, coal feeding and ash removal systems,
  • Gas pumping stations,
  • Production systems in industrial plants

The greatest potential of our company is the staff, who in 90% has university degrees and a long term experience acquired at many sites in Poland and abroad.

Commissioning works are the last stage of the task execution, therefore it is essential to perform them smoothly. The scope of commissioning works includes:

  • coordination of the last phase of erection/installation,
  • preparation of the full commissioning documentation, including: a commissioning plan, a safety and environment protection plan, a work schedule, an inspection and testing program, a test plan,
  • “cold commissioning” during which the start-up and functional testing of the power supply system, measuring loops and process equipment are carried out, without the target fluid in the system,
  • “hot commissioning” which includes the system/plant start-up with a target fluid/gas, as well as its optimization, tuning and a test run.
  • theoretical and practical training
  • preparation of operation and maintenance manual of the facility

To provide services as mentioned above we have proper measuring devices, vibration analysers, flue gas analysers, electric meters and communicators, etc.


Specialist Works

1. Post-erection chemical cleaning of boilers, pipelines and tanks. [see more]

2. Technical Consulting:

  • Supervision of commissioning works execution - Supervising Inspector of process, electric and I&C part,
  • Running the site office
  • Verification of commissioning documentation.

3. Steam blowing of boiler superheaters/reheaters and pipelines. We perform post-erection blowout of internal surfaces of superheaters/reheaters and pipelines. The scope of works includes:

  • preparation of the blowing procedure,
  • technical design of the temporary system,
  • supply of temporary system elements - pipes, fittings, valves, silencers, inspection target plates,
  • erection and dismantling of the temporary system,
  • performance of the blowing process.

4. Curing/dry-out of refractory (of utility boilers and furnaces).

  • development of the curing/dry-out procedure,
  • technical design of the temporary system,
  • supply of temporary system elements - burners, oil system,
  • erection and dismantling of the temporary system,
  • curing process execution.

5. Heating of coatings that protect evaporator waterwalls against low-oxygen corrosion – a wide scope.