Mechanical erection

Under its experience and held certificates, SBB ENERGY S.A. offers a package of services in scope of overhauls, repairs and retrofits of a wide range of power and industrial equipment such as:

  • steam and water boilers in scope of the pressure part, burner systems, auxiliary equipment,
  • flue gas desulphurization plants in full scope together with insulation and corrosion protection,
  • flue gas denitrification systems in full scope,
  • steam, water, oil pipework together with regeneration of valves/fittings, monitoring and adjustment of hangers/supports, replacement of insulation,
  • electrostatic precipitators and baghouse filters,
  • steel structures of industrial plants,
  • systems and tanks for chemical and petrochemical industry,
  • temporary systems for special processes, like: acid cleaning, blowing, boiler refractory lining curing/dry-out, performed for own needs and for external clients.

Under the above services SBB ENERGY S.A. delivers complete elements of temporary systems withfittings and exhaust silencers based on its own design and prefabricates elements of pipework in line with Polish standards, as well as DIN or ASME.

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