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Who we are

Historia firmy


Establishment of Remak-Rozruch: mechanical and technological commissioning of equipment and installation of thermal energy.


The transformation into a joint stock


The granting of ISO 9001:2000 Certification by the Office of Technical Inspection in Warsaw.


Provision of services in assembly, repair and modernization of equipment and power installations.


In result of the Company’s reorganization, a Mechanical Assembly, Electrical and l&C System Installation and Commissioning Divisions were distinguished – the company increases the scale and employs 200 people.


Company started the execution of ‘turnkey’ modernization projects on a large scale. The fields of activities focused on nitrogen oxides reduction, adaptation of coal and gas fired boilers to combustion and co-combustion biomass, as well as protection of boiler heat transfer surfaces against low-oxygen corrosion. Example: contracts in Opole Power Plant.


Exceeding the 100 million PLN in sales revenue and building of contract portfolio for 2012-2013.


The purchase of Nalco Mobotec Polska Sp. z o.o. (now RRTec Sp. z o.o.)


Change of the company name to SBB ENERGY SA.


Establishment of SBB CANADA


29.12.2017 – Merger of SBB ENERGY S.A. with RRTEC Company

17.01.2017 – Purchase of shares in ELMAX


Exceeding PLN 300 million in sales revenues.

21.05.2019 – acquisition of 100% shares in the ELMAX company.

2017-2019 – Implementation of the project “Hybrid  denitrogenation of flue gas in power boilers” under the Regional Operational Program of the Opolskie Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

2017-2019 – Implementation of the project “Hybrid adsorption systems to reduce mercury emissions using highly efficient polymer components” as part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014 2020.



SBB Energy S.A.

SBB ENERGY SA has been operating in the power and industrial sectors since 1992, providing commissioning, mechanical erection, electrical and I&C installation services and other complex specialized works. SBB ENERGY SA provides also a range of modern technologies in the area broadly defined as exhaust fumes treatment technology.

Management Board

management member

Ziemowit Słomczyński

President of the Management Board, CEO

management member

Artur Brzdękiewicz

Vice President of the Management Board, COO

Supervisory Board

Przemysław Furmaga

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SBB ENERGY S.A.

Jan Kurp

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Piotr Cieśla

Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Managing Staff

Tadeusz Witos

Dyrektor ds. Handlowych

Wiesława Późniak

Commercial Proxy, Financial Director

Marta Dębowska-Wilkosz

HR Director

Anna Mitkiewicz

OHS Manager

Marek Gajewski

Commercial Proxy, Electric and EI&C Department Director

Leonard Widok

Commissioning Director

Sergiusz Mandrela

Technology Director

Zbigniew Kulawik

Deputy Financial Director, Financial Controller

Dariusz Kamiński

Deputy Electric and EI&C Director

Marcin Dabbachi

IT Department Director

Daniel Masyk

Risk Management Director

Engineering Staff

The company’s greatest potential is the highly qualified engineering staff. Currently ca. 350 employees work on behalf of SBB ENERGY S.A., ca. 40% of them are involved in commissioning and ca. 60% in mechanical, electrical and I&C equipment installation. Over 70% of our technical specialists communicate in foreign languages (English, German, Russian). It allows to provide services to clients all over the world. A pillar of our company is the personnel who has at least a dozen year work experience in power industry and power construction sector. They include commissioning engineers, foremen and fitters, who supervise younger personnel with 3-year experience in power industry on average. Our employees have supervisory and operating certificates in relevant disciplines.


Equipment suppliers and assembly companies operating in the power industry and other industry branches, professional and industrial power plants, heat and power plants, municipal heating plants, industrial plants, industry and energy design companies.

Main field activities

Comprehensive commissioning of power units, optimization of equipment and energy systems Multi-sector assembly an renovations in the energy and industry sectors, commissioning and optimization of water treatment and sewage treatment plants Specialized engineering works: chemical cleaning and etching of installations and devices in the energy and industry sectors, laboratory tests enabling the development of optimal technologies for the needs of chemical cleaning processes, electrical and I&C assembly with the supply of equipment and switchgears in the energy and industry sectors Modernization on turkney basis of boilers to reduce emissions of NOx, SOx and mercury, modernization on turkney basis of boilers for the co-firing of large amounts of biomass, conversion of coal-fired boilers to biomass.

Turnover and Employment

We are not currently recruiting. Contact us via form .