Installation for flue gas denitrification at CEZ Skawina

We are pleased to inform that SBB ENERGY SA has completed the Project called “Installation for flue gas denitrification at CEZ Skawina”.

The project involved the construction of two independent installations for catalytic denitrification of flue gases in the Tail End configuration together with a node for unloading and storing the reagent. The installations are designed to ensure reduction of NOx emissions in flue gas to the level below 150mg / Nm³ for the needs of one OP-230 boiler and four OP-210M boilers.

In addition, the installation has been equipped with a unique system of flue gas steam heating and heat recovery from processed flue gas and later use of it to heat the water.

The project was implemented based on our own know how in the turnkey basis, which means that the scope of work included the implementation of complete design documentation, assembly works, commissioning and optimization.

Congratulations to all those involved in the implementation and coordination of the contract.

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