Innovative technology by SBB ENERGY SA enters the energy market.

SBB ENERGY SA as part of research and development has developed a solution that responds to the latest challenges of BAT conclusions in the field of reducing NOx emissions.

The project “Hybrid flue gas denitrification technology in power boilers (HDS)” implemented by SBB ENERGY SA cooperation with Silesian University of Technology in 2017-2019, contributed to the development of an innovative technology for reducing nitrogen oxides from flue gases, allowing their emissions to be reduced below 150 mg / m3, without incurring high investment outlays.

The multifaceted approach to the problem has allowed SBB ENERGY SA to receive a solution that is not only cost-effective and meets the latest challenges of environmental requirements, but also reduces the impact of using ammonia on by-products of combustion.

Today, HDS technology, which is a ready-made commercial product, is a new position in the portfolio of SBB ENERGY SA, and its first full-scale application will be implemented in the CHP Veolia Energia Łódź S.A.

The task will include the implementation of a hybrid system for reducing nitrogen oxides by installing a catalytic layer in the rotors of rotary air heaters of OP130 K1 and K2 boilers at CHP Veolia Energia Łódź S.A., and it has been planned for implementation in 2020-2023.

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