Technical and Administrative Facilities

  • Company’s own headquarters with administrative, workshop, warehouse and laboratory facilities.
  • Vehicle fleet: personal cars, vans and forklifts.
  • Equipment and piping to perform chemical cleaning of utility boilers and power equipment: research and lab facilities, pump skids (including of capacity up to 1000 m3/h), tanks (from 1 to 60 m3), piping of steel and PHED, valves and fittings,
  • Equipment for steam blowout of boiler superheaters and pipework, valves and fittings, silencers.
  • Equipment to perform refractory lining curing/dry-out of utility boilers, industrial furnaces and other process equipment: oil burners, oil systems (piping, hoses, pumps, tanks, valves), measuring and recording instruments.
  • Measuring devices used during commissioning of the process equipment.
  • Basic equipment for diagnostics of rotating machines.
  • Equipment for mechanical assembly/erection: welding machines, lifting equipment, devices for vertical and horizontal     transport, mechanical tools.
  •  Auxiliary equipment used on construction sites: office and staff room containers, warehouse containers, wireless communication means, office equipment.