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Quality Policy

1. The management of SBB ENERGY S.A. is aware of its responsibility for the quality of provided services, a level of applied technologies and their impact on the natural environment, as well as occupational health and safety conditions at each workplace. This awareness is supported with a strong and visible commitment, which guarantees the provision of measures necessary for functioning and improvement of the quality management system.

2. Our primary objective is to provide services in the following fields: commissioning and optimization of power equipment and systems, end-to-end commissioning of power generating units, erection and renovation of industrial structures and systems (in particular in the power sector), commissioning and optimization of water conditioning plants and waste water treatment plants, power chemistry processes: chemical cleaning and acid treatment of equipment and systems in the power sector and industry, lab testing that allows development of optimum technologies for the needs of executed processes, fabrication and installation of electrical and I&C systems. Under the term “quality” we understand meeting customer’s requirements, expectations and wishes. The quality of products and services we provide is of primary significance for the company’s future.

3. The most important motive of our business activity are the company’s objectives and principles focused on meeting customer’s expectations and its satisfaction: the client evaluates the quality of our products – the client’s opinion is decisive; building trust between the client and our company requires openness and frankness; our quality system is continuously analyzed and improved, we provide high quality of our products and the guarantee for the period approved by the client.

4. We achieve these objectives and implement these principles through: maintaining a high level of work efficiency by training the staff with respect to professionalism and work organization; raising the level of responsibility by all our employees, implementation and maintaining the quality system in compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001: 2009; promoting and consolidating the quality awareness among the staff.

5. The management of SBB ENERGY S.A. assures proper and sufficient means, including human resources, for the effective execution of the quality management policy presented herein. The Management Board Representative for the QMS issues is responsible for maintaining and continuous improvement of the system.