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SBB ENERGY S.A. former Remak-Rozruch S.A. company was established in 1992. At the beginning its principal business activity was mechanical and process commissioning of equipment and systems of heat generating industry. Today, this form of activity among others is still being continued and developed.

In 1998, from company’s own funds, the office and administration building was purchased together with adjacent storage and workshop facilities, and the industrial plot in Opole at 1 Łowicka St.

In 2000, by virtue of a decision taken by shareholders, the company was restructured from a limited liability company into a public limited company.

In May 2003, the Certification Body of the Office of Technical Inspection in Warsaw conducted a verification and certification audit, in result of which the company was granted the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

In 2003 the company started its activity on a larger scale in scope of supply, prefabrication and installation of field electrical systems and automation.

In 2005 the company started to provide services in scope of installation, renovation and retrofits of power equipment and systems.

In January 2007 in result of the Company’s reorganization, a Mechanical Assembly, Electric and I&C System Installation and Commissioning Divisions were distinguished. In consequence it was necessary to supplement authorization certificates held by the company and equip the company with basic and specialist installation equipment.

In 2008 the company started the execution of “turnkey" retrofit projects on a large scale. The fields of activities focused on nitrogen oxides reduction, adaptation of coal and gas fired boilers to fire and co-fire biomass, as well as protection of boiler heat transfer surfaces against low-oxygen corrosion.

In 2009 there were several contracts completed for commissioning and installation in Great Britain; the preparations were made to undertake the construction of biomass storage and preparation systems in power plants and CHP plants.

In 2010 the company continued the execution of large, multi-discipline contracts on turnkey basis. Moreover, in order to improve the quality of provided services, and to meet the client’s expectations, the company obtained a SCC Safety Certificate (Safety Certificate Contractor).

2013 was a great year for the company. One of the significant movement was the purchase of Nalco Mobotec Polska Sp. z o.o (now RRTec Sp. z o.o.)- the merge of international corporation Ecolab. It was a step which made us the sole owner of the unique NOx reduction technologies by means of primary and secondary measures SNCR in Poland and 22 countries in Middle Europe.

In 2014 SBB Investments Company – which the owner is the current management board of SBB ENERGY S.A former Remak-Rozruch S.A. and J.T.C S.A. company - has become the only shareholder of SBB ENERGY S.A former Remak-Rozruch S.A.