Engineering specialist works

Hybrid and coatings

Layers: (DGL + CER, or 2 x CER)

  • Innovative metallic-ceramic coating for corrosion protection of steam boilers, obtained as a result of development works of HYBRID coatings.
  • Increased chemical and temperature resistance thanks to the application of an external ceramic layer.
  • Very good adhesion resulting from the diffusion-reaction bond between the base material and the DGL and CER layers, as well as the high thermal resistance of the outer ceramic CER layer above 900 ° C. Multiple CER layers can be applied directly to the base material.

Chemical cleaning

SBB ENERGY S.A. It has a well-equipped chemical laboratory specializing in the analysis of boiler sludge, developing technologies for chemical cleaning of power boilers, and physico-chemical measurements of the steam-water system in energy facilities.

Chemical cleaning of systems is carried out during process operations such as:

  • leak proof test of the system to be cleaned and the temporary system
  • copper removal,
  • flushing after copper removal
  • acid treatment,
  • flushing after acid treatment,
  • passivation,
  • waste water neutralization.

Chemical Laboratory

The chemical lab of SBB ENERGY S.A. conducts the following testing and analyses:

  • analyses of boiler deposits – solubility, qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • analysis of corrosion wastage of equipment structural material in pickling baths
  • testing the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitor
  • analysis of water and steam in the water and steam cycle of power generating boilers
  • and units (it is possible to perform on-site analyses)
  • ash analysis
  • analysis of ion exchanger properties
  • analysis of chemicals for water correction
  • analysis of solid and liquid products of flue gas desulphurization process
  • Development of a concept, procedure of acid cleaning and chemical cleaning of power equipment pressure parts in compliance with requirements of UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) and obtains their approval by CLDT (Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection).
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