DeSOx & acid gas control

De-SOx & Acid Gas Control technology

Circulating fluidized bed technology consisting of a pneumatic reactor and a bag filter connected to it. This technology is a proven solution demonstrating high efficiency in semi-dry flue gas desulphurization processes. The desulphurization process based on a pneumatic reactor allows to achieve high efficiency of SO 2 capture for a wide range of sulfur content in the combustion fuel and reduction of HCl (hydrogen chloride) and SO 3 (sulfur trioxide) emissions. Compared to other flue gas desulphurization technologies, this technology works with high reliability with minimal outlays on operation and maintenance. The offered installation does not have any moving parts inside the reactor and does not use the process of mixing sorbent with water before feeding it to the reactor. In a pneumatic reactor, the sorbent and water are fed separately. Greater reliability and availability of the technology has been achieved by eliminating devices that require frequent operation and maintenance, thus reducing the operating costs of sulfur reduction The advantages of this technology are:

  • Easy to control and control the process for the full range of changes in the amount of flue gas desulfurization
  • Long retention time of solids which enables very efficient use of the sorbent.
  • Continuous abrasion of the surface of the lime particles in the reactor, thereby exposing active sorbent particles.
  • The operating temperature is close to the saturation temperature, thanks to which a high degree of sorbent use can be achieved.
  • Moisture on the surface of the substances suspended in the bed remains almost constant. This is achieved by a process water dosing system which is completely independent of the amount of sorbent.
  • Possibility of optimal operation of the reactor in a wide load range
  • No sewage



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