SBB ENERGY S.A. offers full-scope services in the field of start-ups, as well as specialist works of commissioning teams for the following plants:

  • power generating units
  • steam generators and water boilers
  • water, steam and gas turbines
  • flue gas desulphurization plants
  • flue gas denitrification systems
  • water treatment plants
  • BOP systems, biomass systems, coal feeding and ash handling systems
  • gas pumping stations
  • production systems in industrial plants

SBB ENERGY S.A. offers commissioning works under the following technologies:

  • chemical treatment of boilers, pipework and tanks
  • steam blowout of boiler superheaters/reheaters and pipelines
  • curing/dry-out of refractory lining (of boilers and industrial furnaces)
  • heat treatment of corrosion protection coatings
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