Numerical Analysis (CFD)

Numerical Analysis – Computational Fluid Dynamics

Our employees have been performing CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD) calculations related to the energy industry since 2010. We make calculations for the implementation of our own projects as well as for external orders. We have already completed over 130 projects directly related to the energy industry. We perform calculations efficiently, among others thanks to a dedicated computing cluster based on Fluent HPC Pack licenses. Numerical analysis at SBB Energy performed with the use of the specialized ANSYS Fluent software has become a standard in the implementation of calculations of processes related to heat and mass transfer and the occurring chemical reactions in both combustion processes and reduction of nitrogen and sulfur oxides.

Over the last decade, investments in human capital and equipment have contributed to:

  • Increasing the speed of calculations
  • Reduction of design costs
  • Increasing the accuracy of the results and detail of the calculated models,
  • Performing calculations on real-scale models
  • Possibility of making quick changes in the model structure without incurring additional costs.
  • Possibility of full visualization of parameters of the calculated process in its selected point
  • Building a database of experiences based on already completed projects

Support in the implementation of projects resulting from CFD calculations covers a wide range of issues:

  • Assessment of technological solutions
  • Identification of problems and proposals for technological and design solutions
  • Process optimization
  • Development of new technologies

The exact scope of works and analyzes is adjusted to the client’s needs. For basic CFD analyzes performed by SBB Energy S.A. belong:

  • Analysis of the combustion process in power boilers
  • Determination of the optimal reagent injection site in the SNCR method
  • Optimization of primary NOx reduction methods by changing the air distribution in the boiler combustion chamber
  • Flow analysis through SCR reactors in order to optimize the reduction process and maintain the parameters guaranteed for both the ordering party and the supplier of catalytic elements
  • Determination of pressure drops, velocity distribution and reagent distribution
  • Optimization of the shape of the exhaust gas ducts and the selection of blades
  • Heat transfer and distribution calculations
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