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XXIV International Conference Ashes from Energy Technology


Between 25th and 27th  October 2017, the XXIV International Conference Ashes from Energy Technology organized by Polish Union of Combustion By-Products took place in Sopot. The Conference was addressed to representatives of management and technical staff representing energy and heating companies, combustion by-products related companies, research and development centers.

The main objective of the Conference was to promote science and knowledge in the field of combustion by-products, spread the idea of closed economy, exchange experiences and strengthen the cooperation between science and industry.

Due to the fact that SBB ENERGY S.A. was one of the partners of the Conference, Robert Żmuda – Technology and Development Director, gave a presentation: "Comparative analysis of SNCR and SCR Tail-End technologies for CEZ Skawina S.A." – sharing the experience gained during project realization and showing SBB ENERGY contribution to the development of Polish power industry.

During the solemn gala, SBB ENERGY S.A. was awarded with the Polish Ashes Award "FENIKS 2017" in the category Company for its project: "Hybrid adsorption systems for reducing mercury emissions".

The I Congress of Innovation in Power Engineering


The I Congress of Innovation in Power Engineering organized by Economic Chamber of Energy and Environment took place on October 26th 2017 in Warsaw. The main goal of this event was to present modern technical and IT solutions in the power industry and to create a discussion platform aimed at facilitating the interaction betwen business and science.

SBB ENERGY S.A. as the Congress partner, showed its contribution to the innovation development in the energy sector by an audiovisual presentations on its current research projects: "Hybrid Denitrification Technology in Power Boilers" and "Hybrid Mercury Adsorption Systems with High Efficiency Polymer Components - HYBREM."

Prezentacja SBB ENERGY S.A. - Projekty Badawcze

The first one is cofunded by the EU as a part of the regional operational program of the Opole Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020 and the second within the framework of the program of the Intelligent Development Program 2014-2020. We invite you to watch the presentation. We hope this event will be a cyclical one, and the whole community will gain another opportunity to exchange experience in the field of constantly developing innovative energy solutions.

zdjęcie dzięki uprzejmości IGEiOS

The annual meeting of the engineering and administration staff of SBB ENERGY S.A.


The annual meeting of the engineering and administration staff of SBB ENERGY S.A. is already behind us. As this year we celebrate our 25th Anniversary of SBB ENERGY activity, the meeting was held in a very ceremonial way.

The conference took place on 19th October 2017 in Wisła. The event was an excellent opportunity to summarize the current situation in the Company, present innovative SBB research projects, and review ongoing works on various energy facilities in Poland.

This meeting, closing the SBB ENERGY S.A. anniversary jubilee, was also a great time we spent on integration, strengthening collaboration, creative discussions and exchanging views and experiences. Both the substantive content and atmosphere of our meeting give us a clear sign that these 25 years are nothing more than just a beginning! See you next year!