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SBB ENERGY S.A. signed a contract for the modernization of three BP-1150 boilers in Opole Power Plant


We are pleased to announce that on 12th June 2018 a contract between PGE GiEK.SA El. Opole and SBB Energy S.A. for the modernization of three BP-1150 boilers was signed. The aim of modernization is to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides NOx below 150 mg / Nm3.

After completion of the modernization in 2021, Opole Power Plant will meet the BREF / BAT requirements for the NOx nitrogen oxide emissions imposed by the European Union.

Modernization will be carried out in non-catalytic technology using the primary and secondary non-catalytic method, which has been chosen by the Investor, as the most economical and optimal for BP -1150 boilers powered with bituminous coal.

The choice of this technology was preceded by a pilot modernization which was done succesfully in 2017 on boiler No. 3 in Opole Power Plant.

The Guarantee Measurements carried out after this modernization on boiler no. 3 confirmed its compliance with the provisions of the contract, i.e. the possibility to keep nitrogen oxide NOx emissions below 150 mg / Nm3 by means of this technology.

We wish the entire team coordinating the current contract a successful implementation of the project.


Kamień węgielny


We are pleased to announce that on March, 2nd 2018 the groundbreaking ceremony of a proecological investment led by SBB ENERGY S.A. at Bydgoszcz CHP Complex took place.

The object of the task is to build by SBB ENERGY S.A. in a turnkey basis a complete, modern installation of catalytic nitrogen oxides reduction of flue gases for boilers type OP-230 No. 3 and 4 (hard coal-fired, with a capacity of 230 Mg/h of steam each) at Bydgoszcz CHP Complex covering its design, manufacture, delivery, assembly, start-up, optimization and commissioning.

The investment is aimed at a fourfold NOx reduction and thus will meet stringent EU environmental requirements that will be applied from 2021.

We wish the whole team coordinating the project its successful and timely completion.

Charity campaign for the Home of the Single Mother - Monar Markot Zopowy.


We are pleased to announce that  SBB ENERGY S.A. once again joined the charity campaign for the Home of the Single Mother - Monar Markot Zopowy.

We sincerely hope that collected gifts will help people supported by the association to get away from everyday struggle and to forget for a while about problems they have to face.

Special thanks to the whole SBB Team for your generosity and commitment to this action!

Remember, good returns!