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Kamień węgielny


We are pleased to announce that on March, 2nd 2018 the groundbreaking ceremony of a proecological investment led by SBB ENERGY S.A. at Bydgoszcz CHP Complex took place.

The object of the task is to build by SBB ENERGY S.A. in a turnkey basis a complete, modern installation of catalytic nitrogen oxides reduction of flue gases for boilers type OP-230 No. 3 and 4 (hard coal-fired, with a capacity of 230 Mg/h of steam each) at Bydgoszcz CHP Complex covering its design, manufacture, delivery, assembly, start-up, optimization and commissioning.

The investment is aimed at a fourfold NOx reduction and thus will meet stringent EU environmental requirements that will be applied from 2021.

We wish the whole team coordinating the project its successful and timely completion.

Charity campaign for the Home of the Single Mother - Monar Markot Zopowy.


We are pleased to announce that  SBB ENERGY S.A. once again joined the charity campaign for the Home of the Single Mother - Monar Markot Zopowy.

We sincerely hope that collected gifts will help people supported by the association to get away from everyday struggle and to forget for a while about problems they have to face.

Special thanks to the whole SBB Team for your generosity and commitment to this action!

Remember, good returns!

Szlachetna paczka


We are pleased to inform you that as in previous years SBB ENERGY took part in the Noble Box Project. As employees of SBB ENERGY we supported one of the families which, due to severe illness and financial problems, is unable to satisfy ordinary life needs, not to say nothing of making their dreams come true. The help we prepared included mainly the purchase of specialized equipment - a wheelchair and rehabilitation bed. This equipment will significantly improve the quality of life and will be a great convenience. The package also included a few gifts for all household members which brought the family a lot of joy, provided many emotions, and above all filled them with hope of easing the hardships of everyday life. We are happy that a small gesture can make someone's Christmas more joyful. We would like to thank all SBB employess who have contributed to this action. Remember, good always returns.